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A Modest Proposal

"In a place where no one is a human being, strive to be human!"

Voices raised.
Fists clenched.
Dead children in our minds.
You did this to us.
   You did that to us first.
Revenge is necessary.
We can make peace later,
   after we've paid them back.


Put aside who did what to whom.
The killing has to stop.
Just stop.
You mean we can't get revenge?
You mean that there will be a soul of my people
   whose spirit can never rest
because we have not paid the bastards back
   for what they did?

That's the deal.
No more death, no more screaming mothers.
No more murder camouflaged as justice
or worse:
camouflaged as love.

Just stop.
And even if it's true that the last killed spirit wanders
because no revenge will put it to rest,
the living spirit that will now not be killed
can comfort it.

Mourn, grieve in peace.
Sleep in peace.
Live in peace.
Get up tomorrow morning
and listen to the singing of the birds.

A MODEST PROPOSAL. Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. Poem by: David Copelin.

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